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Enterpreneurial investments
In its business angel capacity, Ezaro Media studies and analises start-up business plans in the Media and Internet sector.
Ezaro Media is a member of various Spanish investment forums focused on projects with the characteristics outlined.
If you would like us to have a look at your project, please send us the materials deemed most relevant to We assure you of the highest confidentiality standards and a prompt response.

Advisory collaborations
In addition to acting as a private investor, Ezaro Media advises entrepreneurs on strategic and financial aspects key to the optimal development of their projects. These include M&A and corporate finance services.
Ezaro Media adjusts its contractual terms to suit its clients’ needs: with fees 100% success-based and structured to alleviate any potential treasury pressures -possibility of payment in shares-.
To request a proposal, discuss a potential collaboration, or send us a CV, please send us an email to
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